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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Helps With Sales?

I always have so many ideas and not enough hours in a day to fulfil everything I want to get accomplished. How do other sellers manage to keep adding new items to their stores? Crafting full time would be a dream for me, right now I fit it in between a full-time job.

Do BNR's really help with sales?
Do contests help with promoting your shop?
Does posting in forums help create exposure?

I would like to hear some thoughts on these topics or any other ideas you may have!


  1. my shop is only a month and a half old but i've found posting in forums does help for exposure. Sadly i know all too well about not having enough time for everything which is why I havent been on ANY forums for the last two weeks.. i will probably try a giveaway contest next month if i can find the time... i'd be interested in seeing what others have to say to this as well!

  2. Something I've found really helpful for getting exposure is using my Deviant Art account and using the veins of groups to get a lot of attention.


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