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I'm a crafty person and enjoy knitting and sewing. I've taught myself most of what I know. I've started sewing and actually crocheting at a young age with my granny. From there I've expanded to knitting and making Stick Owlies! I love to promote other artists and post random animal facts



Thursday, May 26, 2011

Learn about the Rosy Maple Moth

I have now accomplished my fear of moths! I found a gorgeous moth that I actually like. The little brown ones still bother me though! Here are some interesting facts about the Rosy Maple Moth.


Extremely variable in color. Upperside of wing is yellow to cream to white with pink at the margins and bases of the wings. The amount of pink can vary from covering most of the wing to being absent altogether. Form alba occurs in Missouri and is all white or white with some pink markings.
Life History: Adults emerge in the late afternoon and mate in the late evening. Females begin laying eggs at dusk the next day in groups of 10-30 on leaves of the host plant. Eggs hatch in about 2 weeks and feed gregariously when young. Older caterpillars feed alone. Fully-grown caterpillars pupate and overwinter in shallow underground chambers.
Wing Span: 1 5/16 - 2 1/16 inches (3.4 - 5.2 cm).
Caterpillar Hosts: Maple trees including red maple (Acer rubrum), sugar maple (A. saccharum), and silver maple (A. saccharinum); and oak trees including turkey oak (Quercus laevis).
Adult Food: Adults do not feed.
Habitat: Deciduous forests.
Range: Nova Scotia west through Quebec to Ontario and Minnesota; south to Dade County, Florida, the Gulf Coast, and east Texas.
Conservation: Caterpillars can become pests by defoliating trees during occasional population explosions.


Be Featured For June!

If you would like to be featured on my blog please post your shop info below. I will pick one random artist each month to be featured on Stick Owlie's blog. I will contact you for an interview for my blog. I will feature your shop and promote you through Stick Owlie's FB and Twitter for 1 month. If you're interested please don't forget to include your contact info!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sneak Peak!

Here's a sneak peak of what the fabric screech owlies are going to look like! These little guys also will be featured with a screech owlet wooden house! I'm trying to come up with new ideas for owlies and owlets {o,o}

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Soapdeli- May's Featured Shop

Everyone month Stick Owlie will be featuring one artist to feature in a blog post. To enter please leave your comments under the "Be Featured" posting. Each winner will be featured and promoted for one month. All winners are randomly chosen. Lets get to know our fellow artists!

1. Name and where you are from? My name is Rebecca and I was born and raised in the Roanoke Valley surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. Flat land scares me because I've had the comfort and protection of the mountains for so long. I couldn't imagine living anywhere without mountains or at least tall building.2. How long have you been making soap? I've been making soap since I founded my business in February 2001. I started out making melt and pour soaps but then progressed to cold process soap which I make almost exclusively now.
3. What inspired you to make soap? I had problem skin and commercial soap only exacerbated the problem making my dry skin even drier and often times breaking it out. So I turned to handmade cold process soap which helped immensely with the problem. After buying them for some time I decided to research soapmaking and give a try at making my own. Things simply progressed from that point.
4. What are some of your favorite soaps? I love soaps that have a fruity scent and are filled with anything scrubby! One of my favorites though is my Exfolimint (tm) Peppermint Foot Soap because it's like a pumice stone on crack and does wonders for the rough soles of my feet.
5. How do you come up with new ideas for your product? I research top new scenting trends and take note of many of the scents around me. My favorites are often brought to life in a new shea butter soap or goat milk lotion, though I do have some regular scents I make for customers like the florals.
6. How is your shop different from every other soap selling Etsy shop? I care about every customer. If a customer isn't happy, I want to know. I never hesitate to send out a replacement product if a buyer isn't happy with the scent he or she purchased. Buying scented products online is hard because as of yet, computer monitors lack smell-o-vision.
7. Do you sell on any other sites? If so what sites I recently opened up my own shop. It offers the largest selection and the best prices on shipping. You can find it at shop.soapdelicatessen.com I am slowly making the transition to selling almost solely on my own website with just a few samplings of items on etsy for new customers who might find me there.
8. What are some of your favorite Etsy shops? Tiny Fig for sure. Her winking toast makes me incredibly happy and I love the mustache t-shirt I bought from her. I also love the teas from Tea for All Reasons, the handmade polymer clay pendants from Zuda Gay, Spiderbite's journals, and the artwork of Jessica Doyle. There are many many others I love as well and have purchased from since I found Etsy in beta back in 2005.
9. What are some of your other creative talents? I was a fine arts major in college so I've dabbled in a bit of everything. I hate product photography with a passion, but I do love portrait photography. I can also paint with oils, watercolors, and acrylics. I am in love with pastel chalk. I've also done some writing, screen printing, pottery, and 3-D design along with studying up on art history.

10. Describe your soap in one word. Cozy.

What's your soap choice?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Money Mondays!

Link Up your Etsy Stores, Shop Websites, Photography Sites, ect. Please remember to keep it family friendly. Explicit Sites will be removed. Let's all have some fun, promote our own businesses and check out every one else!

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